Industrial Automation

Intelligent machine, factory, public-utility automation and seamless integration with trusted innovative system components by Advantech, Axiomtek, Getac, Lanner and Moxa. Industrial IoT applications for smarter manufacturing, transportation, power and utility supply.

One-stop-shop for industrial automation solutions and IoT applications: hardware, software, customized designs of high-quality, high-performance computing platforms, system integration, data security audits.
Embedded computers
Hardware and software for embedded PCs and controllers and service centre for Advantech embedded-automation computers.
Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Human-Machine Interface solutions for industrial automation includes rugged-panel PCs, industrial monitors and PCs, SCADA servers, mobile rugged devices.
Rugged devices
Getac rugged mobile devices are perfect for military, transportation, utility and other harsh environments where reliability is a necessity. Durability and high customization options are just a few strong features of Getac products. The portfolio includes Getac handhelds, tablets, and laptops that are fully or semi-rugged as well as tablets specially designed for the healthcare sector.
  • Advantech – industrial PCs, embedded system, network appliance, human machine interface, automation, software and custom design services
  • Axiomtek – industrial PCs, embedded system, network appliance, human machine interface
  • Getac – rugged and semi-rugged notebook, tablet and handheld computers
  • Lanner Electronics – embedded computers, network appliance and telecommunication platforms
  • Moxa – industrial PCs, networking, automation
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