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The new Dell Latitude 5490 – a solid work tool

When you come across a computer from the Dell Latitude family, you can be absolutely sure about one thing – any computer from this manufacturer and this series will be suitable for serious work. No superfluous design frills, but durable and extremely attractive, creating a professional impression. A special benefit is the ProSupport program, which will monitor your computer remotely, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
In manufacturing the Latitude series of business-class laptops, Dell has always focused on their being easy-to-use, both in the office and on the road. Particular attention is paid to robust performance, durability, security, and high-end control, which can save companies’ money and IT professionals’ time.

That the 5490 model has also managed to combine these factors is evidenced by the recently released Laptop Mag rating. The portal, which concentrates on testing computers with its specially designed methodology, gave the Dell Latitude 5490 a rating of 4½ out of five stars. The only drawbacks were screen appearance, sound quality and heating up. However, the particularly highlighted advantages are the convenient keyboard that enables easy switching from one function to another (so necessary in today’s “multitasking world”!) and battery life. The computer ran continuously for 9 hours and 54 minutes during the tests!

The laptop has also proven itself in 17 different MIL STD 810G durability tests. These are tests that are used to assess equipment for the US Army. The Dell Latitude 5490 is vibration-resistant. If carelessness causes it to fall to the ground, the user should not experience any consequences. Dust and sand, too, cause no harm to this laptop model. In addition, the computer has been tested at -29˚C and + 60˚C, with no effects on its operation.

The Dell Latitude 5490 features the latest – 8th-generation Intel Core processor with the Windows 10 Pro operating system pre-installed, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid state drive. The Laptop Mag test showed that, with 15 windows open simultaneously in Google Chrome and turning on a YouTube video in the background, the user can still work online with Google Docs without disruptions or interruptions. In turn, duplicating a DVD-size file took 19 seconds.

The computer weighs 1.71 kg. The Dell Latitude 5490’s 14-inch screen model is 33.34 cm wide, 22.89 cm high, and 2.03 cm deep.
The ports are divided into three sections and located on the right-hand side of the computer, the left, and on the back. The Dell Latitude 5490 has both an HDMI input and slot for a SIM card and a third-generation, as well as C-type USB input. Of course, you can also connect a larger screen, and read smart-card and SD-memory-card data. Older type projection equipment can also be connected using the VGA port.

As far as navigation options are concerned, they are the same as we have got used to seeing on Dell laptops. The touch-sensitive mouse pad is not clickable, but right and left mouse buttons are located in two places – below the pad and under the last row of the keyboard. According to Laptop Mag, movements can be performed accurately, also using the rubber pointer located in the middle of the keyboard. The touchpad can be used for double-fingered controls, as well as for the usual Windows 10 navigation operations.
The Notebookcheck review site highlights the many security features of the Dell Latitude 5490, making it an ideal choice for businesses and their staff. To access the information on their computer, users can choose one of several options – the Windows Hello infrared camera for face recognition, a fingerprint reader or a smart-card reader, as used by many companies. The computer has a FIPS 140-2 TPM 2.0 chip for protecting sensitive information. This means that all information is encrypted. Interestingly, the information in the computer is secure even if it is connected to external media or equipment that itself encrypts information, and even to a public information cloud. Data inviolability is ensured by the Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace program.

As for unpleasant surprises, Dell’s service is doing its utmost to limit such situations arising. The standard package provides a three-year warranty and the fastest possible response to calls about technical issues. You will not have to go to the service point, but the service will come to you the very next day after the call! If the equipment cannot be repaired on the spot, it is removed and delivered to the warranty service.

For a small, one-time fee to join the ProSupport programme, users can receive proactive support and protection for their investment and business. Under the programme, each computer receives preventive monitoring automatically and the customer receives a warning about potential malfunctions, for example, if there is a risk that the computer’s hard disk may be compromised. In addition, users can contact professionals at the Dell Service Centre (English or Russian) 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help address and prevent incidents involving computers and software, as well as third-party applications.
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