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The first Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2021

Letter from the CEO
Since 2020, the world has learned the increasing importance of resilient supply chains in the ever-changing, dynamic and interconnected environment our industry has become. ‘Remote everything’ has highlighted the value of having strong relationships, trust, and a sustainable approach in all parts of our lives. ELKO Group has evolved from Grow to Succeed to Grow Smarter, and part of us Growing Smarter is pro-actively managing our business in a manner that creates sustainable value for all of our stakeholders: customers, vendors, employees, shareholders, state and communities. With that mindset, I am proud to present ELKO Group’s first ESG report.

Pro-active management starts with awareness of the current state of things, so we have gathered and reported hereby our initiatives across a full spectrum of environmental, social and governance matters. While we realize that we ourselves are not major contributor to CO2 footprint in our supply chain, we are driving our product and service portfolio to make sure that all our suppliers and transport providers eventually comply with internal legislation and industry best practice and most have set ambitious goals to reach climate neutrality in the foreseeable future.

We invest in the well-being of our employees to maintain a high level of commitment to perform in a challenging environment and ensure their ability to reach their career goals within ELKO Group. And, we continuously develop our group governance practice to ensure diversity, transparency and accountability across all our business units.

I am sure that, thus, ELKO is perfectly positioned to capture the opportunities the future will bring us!

Svens Dinsdorfs
The CEO of ELKO Group
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