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Smartphones specialized for gaming: ELKO to distribute Black Shark

Mobile gaming is quickly becoming the dominant gaming platform. Users demand high-fidelity game experience on mobile devices, and Black Shark smartphones are made especially to meet that demand.
Black Shark is a top-class flagship smartphone specialized for gaming with a custom created combination of own-developed gamepad blended with abundant accessories, which creates an excellent game experience. Premium pro-gaming accessories enhance audio performance, cooling, control, and more.

ELKO has become an official distributor of Black Shark gaming smartphones and accessories in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and operating under the WESTech brand in Slovakia and The Czech Republic.

“In the three short years since it was founded, Black Shark has successfully broadened its footprint globally. Mobile gaming benefits from the 5G rollout and the emergence of cloud gaming, and the demand for specialized smartphones will only rise. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers competitive, cutting edge technology products such as Black Shark, which is an apparent leader in the gaming smartphone industry,” says Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit at ELKO Group.

“We’re happy to launch our smartphone dedicated to gaming enthusiasts to the ELKO represented markets. We chose ELKO as our trusted partner to distribute our smartphones and accessories and we believe, that the company will have large input in increasing awareness of Black Shark brand in the market,” comments David Li, VP of Black Shark Global.
About Black Shark

Cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark, creates a gaming eco-system based on hardware, software and services, now mainly carried by smartphones. Black Shark aims to provide an unmatched and unique gaming experience and is building the best gaming world with global gamers. Black Shark is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the company’s global website: global.blackshark.com
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