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Smart Building starts with migration to Smart Metering

At the Smart Building Conference held in Kiev, Ukraine on 22-23 February, ELKO presented remote metering and Smart City solutions by Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) – the end-to-end solution provider for utilities, different industries and cities.
The EU aims to replace at least 80% of electricity meters with smart meters by 2020. It is estimated that the smart metering and smart grids rollout can reduce emissions in the EU by up to 9% and annual household energy consumption by similar amounts.

NAS metering products enable energy producers and utilities to monitor and take control of water, gas, heat and electricity operations. NAS products are based on LoRa® technology, which enables them to provide end-to-end LoRaWAN™ infrastructure: nodes (sensors, controllers), gateways, IoT Hub server as SAAS/PAAS service as well as selected applications for smart metering, smart monitoring, smart city and industrial IoT applications with lowest capital expenditure (CAPEX) and ownership costs.
There was no one end-to-end solution until we met the Estonian-Norwegian innovation company NAS
Vladimirs Pavlenko VAD Group Leader, ELKO Group
“So far, the main challenges and struggles of building smart energy networks was the complexity caused by interconnection of multi-vendor different systems. There was no one end-to-end solution until we met the Estonian-Norwegian innovation company NAS, who offers complete solutions and product range for smart metering. NAS solutions will ease adoption of the technology as they significantly reduce implementation time and project costs,” Vladimirs Pavlenko, VAD Group Leader, ELKO Group

Smart meters give a real-time information on energy use for the energy producer, service provider and consumer. Using a mobile application, the consumer can better manage energy use, save money and reduce consumption. This is the end of estimated billing – consumers will be billed only for the energy that is actually used.

As the meter reading is transmitted directly from the meter, the possibility of an inaccurate meter reading caused by human error is eliminated. It means that there will be no more need for an energy supplier to access consumer’s property to read the meter thus improving utilities’ operating efficiency.

Each meter is equipped with load profile information and service quality diagnostics that can help the supplier analyze possible energy supply problems inside the residence, and to get notifications in case of energy loss.
As soon as smart metering is in place, it ensures the needed IoT network and big data to develop further interoperable IoT solutions and smart grids – an energy network that can automatically monitor energy flows and adjust to changes in energy supply and demand accordingly.

Smart grids open up the possibility for energy producers and municipalities to monitor and manage the city infrastructure with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.
Technology’s journey to the market requires new approaches and attitude.
Viljo Veesaar CEO, Nordic Automation Systems
“Technology’s journey to the market requires new approaches and attitude. It is a pleasure to have as strong partner as ELKO in Ukraine to represent our solutions. ELKO definitely has the expertise and competence to be successful smart metering solution provider in Ukraine,” says Viljo Veesaar, the CEO of Nordic Automation Systems.
About Nordic Automation Systems
NAS is an industrial automation company, specializing in end-to-end Smart City & remote metering solutions. Company’s smart gas, water and heat metering solutions include full vertical LoRaWAN™ infrastructure: end-nodes, gateways, IoT Hub cloud platform and API. With in-house R&D and production NAS provides complete range of sensors and meters for Utilities – from retrofit to white label branded mechanical and ultrasonic meters. Visit the NAS website at www.nasys.no

About LoRaWAN™
LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is a broad term covering several implementations and protocols, both open-source and proprietary. While other wireless communication technologies available like Bluetooth and BLE (and to some extent WiFi and ZigBee) are not suited for long-range performance, LPWAN provides the longest range with low data rates.
The technology used in a LoRaWAN™ network is designed to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in harsh environments that were previously too challenging or cost-prohibitive to connect. With its unique penetration capability, a LoRaWAN™ gateway deployed on a building or tower can connect to sensors more than 10 miles away or to water meters deployed underground or in basements.

About ELKO
The ELKO Group is one of the region's largest distributors of IT products and solutions, representing 210 IT manufacturers, and providing a wide range of products and services to more than 7 700 retailers, local computer manufacturers, system integrators and enterprises within various sectors in 30 countries across Europe and Central Asia. The Group’s turnover in 2016 amounted to USD 1 460 million.
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