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Micron Design ID (DID) Agnostic Server DRAM

Ordering the best mainstream generation of Micron Server DRAM is now up to 70% easier. Micron has drastically simplified DRAM product selection and optimized product availability.
Micron's simplified SKU list for Micron Server DRAM delivers high-quality, JEDEC-compliant DRAM ready to order with significantly less hassle. With DID-agnostic SKUs, partners and their customers have up to 70% fewer part numbers (26 instead of 89) to sift through while still having stress-free access to all compatible server memory capacities, configurations and speeds needed.
  • Simplifies the reseller’s ordering process with as much as a 70% reduction in part number options for the same JEDEC standard modules (26 instead of 89 in current DDR4 server SKUs).
  • Prevents stock-out situations where other DIDs might be available and would function identically, but the reseller’s specific DID is out of stock.
  • Enables partners to offer both DID specific and DID agnostic server DRAM to their customers as required for individual market needs.
  • Streamlines the introduction of new memory modules by keeping the underlying interchangeable parts transparent to partners and their customers so they can continue to specify the same, original SKUs and configurations that work for them.
  • Offers the same service and support provided with Crucial-branded DRAM and the same three-year limited warranty as all Micron-branded DRAM.
Buying Micron Server DRAM has never been easier. Contact us for more information.
ELKO is an official distributor of Micron.
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