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ELKO Ukraine holds IT TREND FORUM 2018 for its partners

ELKO Ukraine, one of the biggest Ukrainian distributors of IT products, solutions and expert services, which has been operating on the market for over 20 years, holds the ELKO IT TREND FORUM for its partners on 9 November. More than 350 people participated in the event - partners, representatives of vendors, invited experts. The venue of the event was the Pochayna Event Hall in Kiev.
The man objective of the forum is traditionally an insight into the key tendencies and forecasts of IT industry development, discussion of the influence of technologies on the lives of people and businesses, determining the most prospective trends of activities.
This year, the motto of the event was Powered by People. Today, due to rapid technological development, habits and preferences of consumers are changing dynamically and whole branches are transforming. This, in turn, stimulates technological progress. However, in this race of technologies it is important not to forget that they are created for simplifying the lives of people. Technology for people and not vice versa.
We live in an age of capitalism on steroids. The pace of life is continuously accelerating. However, technology is not a goal in itself. It is important to use it wisely. And one should always remember about humanness. This is why creativity and critical thinking are named among the key capabilities of the future. Balance is important. Globalisation must be counterbalanced by regionalisation, and technological advancements by humanness. Needs of people must be regarded as being of paramount importance. Therefore, when building its business, ELKO Group primarily cares about the development of its employees and partners
Svens Dinsdorfs CEO of ELKO Group
To continuously move forward, man needs knowledge, energy and inspiration. Thus, in order to help its partners to achieve success by applying joint efforts, ELKO Ukraine holds annual meetings. The agenda of ELKO IT TREND FORUM 2018 included three thematic sessions with discussion panels, brief reports of vendors and experts from different fields.
During the entire day, 20 speakers spoke about the main trends and novelties of the IT industry, in particular, about solutions for the creation of smart homes and cities, innovations in education, the strategy of development of a digital state. Participants of the forum discussed how technologies are changing society and businesses, how to achieve success in the conditions of digital transformation and what changes can be provided by competitive advantages in modern conditions.
An exposition of innovative products and solutions was presented to the forum participants by ELKO and partners of the forum - Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Ridango, Seagate, Western Digital, as well as 2N, Axis Communications, Adata, Ajax Systems, Aukey, Bosch, Eaton, Getac, INNO3D, Micro Focus, Milestone, MSI, NAS, Neurotechnology, Netis, Sapphire, Supermicro, Toshiba.
Let us remind everyone that today ELKO Group provides a wide range of IT products, solutions and services from over 220 manufacturers for almost 8000 partners in 31 countries of Europe and Central Asia. During the last year the distributor’s portfolio of ELKO Ukraine was supplemented with Toshiba TEC printing devices, Huawei tablets, SanDisk SSD drives, ViewSonic visualisers, project solutions from Samsung and Lenovo Data Center Group, 2N access control systems, Arthur Holm equipment for conference rooms, Eaton uninterruptible power supply, Netis Systems network solutions, etc. Some of these solutions were presented at our stand within the framework of ELKO IT TREND FORUM 2018.
The Project Distribution Department of ELKO Ukraine offers a full range of services, competencies and resources for the solution of individual business tasks of customers, including expertise in the field of servers, network equipment and data storage systems, security systems, in particular, CCTV, video analytics, access control systems; audit services and modernisation of existing IT systems, as well as the selection of the most appropriate solutions for different tasks and testing of prototypes.
With account of a huge range of products, ELKO Ukraine opened a centre of competencies - Smart Center this summer, where the company demonstrates different complex solutions to its partners and end users, and provides training. In this way the company actively promotes the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity, CCTV monitoring and video analytics, biometric identification, data centre infrastructure, cloud solutions, congress systems, smart buildings and smart cities, as well as in the field of Internet of Things.
Our forum is not only about technologies and tendencies. It is also about human relations. During 20 years of operation on the Ukrainian IT market, we have learnt to value the most important thing that unites people - trust. I am sincerely grateful to our partners, who as far back as in 1998 trusted the young team which started the ELKO business in Ukraine, shared their experience, supported and set the pace for our development. Due to this, we have achieved a lot and will be capable of doing even more. Determination to meet expectations of our partners has always been important for us. I wish you every inspiration for new ideas and opportunities for the successful development of the business
Angelica Rubezhova ELKO Ukraine Director
Upon completion of the forum, the panel discussion “Feel the Future. Global Trends Transforming the Markets” was held, within the framework of which spokespersons from ELKO, Lenovo, Seagate and Microsoft discussed topical tendencies and the opening opportunities for businesses. Recapping the discussion and the forum in general, Julia Ratushnaya, Head of the group of product managers from ELKO Ukraine, said:
We are grateful to all our vendors and partners with whom we have been doing business during the first 20 years. We live in a time when technologies are developing more rapidly than ever before. There is no hiding from this fact. All of us, in one way or another, are a part of this process. With account of our IT specialisation, we just have to open our eyes and heart to new technologies and become a guide for them, securing support for the coming changes. And we have to try to make a living doing this as well. There will be a lot of work for us in the foreseeable future. The only thing we have to do is learn continuously. It is also important to remember that everything is done by people, and for people. People should always remain at the centre of these changes. And I hope that during the next 20 years, we will all see how new technologies are changing our lives for the better.
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