ELKO to distribute THOMSON smart TVs and streaming devices in Poland

THOMSON, the renowned European TV manufacturer, is excited to announce its expansion into the Polish market through a strategic partnership with ELKO Group. ELKO will be the authorised distributor for THOMSON smart TVs and streaming devices in Poland. The partnership will focus on delivering the latest THOMSON Google TV lineup, featuring the QLED, QLED Plus, and QLED Pro models.
ELKO will provide top-tier services for retailers, online stores, and other marketplaces across Poland. The THOMSON product range includes HD Smart TVs, FHD Smart TVs, 4K UHD Smart TVs, and QLED Smart TVs in sizes from 24” up to 85”. The full product portfolio features the familiar style and design expected from a THOMSON product, combined with user-friendly technology, all at an affordable price. Every THOMSON product comes with a three-year guarantee, ensuring first-class quality and durability that can be relied upon.

“We are thrilled to partner with ELKO Group, a leader in the distribution sector with a proven track record of reliability and efficiency,” said Bartolomeo Caputo, Sales Director at THOMSON. “This collaboration is key to accelerating our growth in Poland, ensuring that consumers can enjoy limitless entertainment and useful technology accessible to everyone through THOMSON Google TVs and streaming devices.”

"THOMSON has a rich heritage and has been well-known in the European market for generations. The brand continues to innovate, delivering products that meet the evolving needs of consumers worldwide. THOMSON TV’s excellent blend of cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and value is what Polish consumers seek, and we are more than eager to collaborate in delivering and expanding THOMSON's representation in the market,” adds Baiba Indane, Business and Development Director at ELKO Group.
  • THOMSON Google TV QLED: Powered by Quantum Dot nanocrystals, a QLED display delivers balanced brightness, striking contrasts, and an expanded color range.
  • THOMSON Google TV QLED Plus: Built-in front speakers produce deep bass and clear treble for an immersive sound experience, eliminating the need for extra soundbars and the hassle of wires.
  • THOMSON Google TV QLED Pro: Experience fluent images with the newest 144 Hz technology. A 144 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and responsive visuals, ideal for fast-paced content like action movies, sports and gaming. This feature reduces motion blur and display lag, delivering the most comfortable viewing and gaming experience.
  • Visual Excellence with 4K and Dolby Vision: All THOMSON QLED models deliver stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring razor-sharp images that capture every detail. Coupled with Dolby Vision technology, these TVs offer vivid contrasts, optimized brightness, and lifelike picture quality, making every scene breathtakingly realistic.
  • Central swivel stand: The TV can be rotated up to 30 degrees. No matter from which point in the room you are watching - your THOMSON TV always offers the best viewing angle. Side feet option is also available.
  • Illuminated Bluetooth remote control: Thanks to the soft backlighting, users always have the buttons in view, even when the living room is darkened to match the cinema feeling.
  • Google TV: The smart Google TV operating system provides access to films and programs from various streaming providers, including Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ (subscription fees may apply). Individual user profiles can be created for each family member, allowing recommendations to be customized for each person.
If you stream, watch smart with THOMSON: The new Streaming Sticks 140 and 145 and the Streaming Box 240 transform even older TV models into Smart TVs and open the whole Google TV universe to a customer. All streaming devices have a Bluetooth remote control with direct buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and YouTube. Built-in Google Assistant microphone and button makes searching for live sporting events, funny clips, or informative documentaries child's play. Just make your voice request and consider it done.

Founded in France in 1893, THOMSON embodies true European heritage. With a rich history extending beyond 130 years, the THOMSON brand has been part of the world’s greatest technological revolutions, solidifying its role as a true pioneer in this industry. It has played a key role in developing the first radios, video recorders, mp3 players, TVs and more. Throughout its history, the company has remained true to its mission of making innovation and cutting-edge technology accessible to all. Today, THOMSON is committed to producing high-quality products that seamlessly combine convenience with the latest smart technologies.

THOMSON aims to make sure that everyone can share unforgettable experiences and moments of joy with their loved ones. This is evident in the design and the functionality of its products, which are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of a diverse range of consumers. The brand offers a vast range of electrical products spanning television, audio-video, telephony, computers, networked products, household, home appliances, health and well-being. THOMSON continues to uphold its legacy as a leading force in the tech industry and through it all, has stayed true to its mission: creating useful innovations that put customers first.

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