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ELKO to distribute SAIMOS® Video Analytics solutions

SAIMOS® provide modular and open, CPU/VPU based, map-centric (GIS) and AI-based software platform for video analytics. ELKO has signed an agreement for SAIMOS® solutions distribution in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and the Baltics.
SAIMOS® Video Analytics is a flexible and scalable solution based on deep learning for professional users in various industries (security, retail, transport, banking, campuses, etc.). It does contribute to Smart City and Safe City projects around the globe.

The platform includes the following modules and functionalities:
  • SAIMOS® Perimeter – Perimeter Protection / Intrusion detection
  • SAIMOS® Object – Left / Removed Object
  • SAIMOS® Count 2D/3D – Counting & Heatmapping
  • SAIMOS® LiDAR / Radar – Light / Radio Detection and Ranging
  • SAIMOS® Face Analytics – Face Recognition / Face Detection
  • SAIMOS® LPR – Licence Plate Recognition
  • SAIMOS® Scrambler – Dynamic Blurring
  • SAIMOS® Control Center – real-time situational awareness
All modules are fully and seamlessly integrated into Milestone systems.

SAIMOS® solutions can be installed on-premise at the customer site, in the cloud, in a combination thereof or licensed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Further, SAIMOS® does provide software customization and excellent professional support. All products are characterized by the highest stability, accuracy and easy configuration.

By implementing SAIMOS® Video Analytics solutions, you will convert unstructured video data into actionable data and get the required business intelligence. Contact our solution team for more details!
SAIMOS® - Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operation’s Security - is a platform by ONG-IT GmbH, Austria headquartered solution provider for integrated AI-based Video Analytics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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