ELKO to distribute networking technologies by Alta Labs

ELKO has become an official distributor of new but experienced enterprise WiFi and network switching manufacturer - Alta Labs.
Although Alta Labs is a new and upcoming brand, the people behind Alta Labs have a long and impressive track record in the industry. Alta Labs is a division of SVT (SoundVision Technologies).

Alta Labs is designing, engineering, and manufacturing a complete portfolio of enterprise-grade network solutions. Hardware designs are focused on easy installation, strong performance, and reliability.

Initially, Alta Labs offers an AP6 and AP6-Pro as WiFi 6 access points, which will soon be joined by S24-PoE, S16-PoE and S8-PoE switches (estimated arrival in September 2023).

Alta Labs Access Points

The Alta Labs AP6 and AP6 Pro access points feature a compact form factor and a sleek aesthetic design allowing seamless integration into corporate, commercial, and residential environments.

The AP6 Pro has support for 4096 QAM and is also IP54-rated for higher end commercial environments. The access points are powered over Ethernet for a simple, clean installation.

Alta Labs' cloud management platform offers seamless monitoring and configuration capabilities from any device, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. No licensing fees.
About Alta Labs

Founded in 2022, Alta Labs creates revolutionary networking technologies driven by their proprietary software and hardware designs. The goal is to bring easy-to-use yet completely customisable management and utilisation software to help users manage their WiFi needs, no matter the system or design they want to implement.

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