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ELKO to distribute MITECH perimeter security solutions

ELKO has signed a contract with Italian company MITECH for distribution of perimeter intruder detection security solutions.
With more than 15 years of experience, MITECH offers the best perimeter intruder detection security solutions to protect property and people.

MITECH products stand out for their “Made in Italy” quality, which guarantees outstanding reliability, a long life, excellent functionality and meticulously researched details and design.

The product range is extensive, varied and complemented with accessories, thus ensuring customised protection systems that are ideal for meeting specific needs and operational requirements.

Outdoor columns

MITECH columns are used for outdoor perimeter protection and guarantee maximum security for commercial, residential and industrial areas and sensitive sites. Cutting-edge technology is used for solutions based on infrared beams, microwaves or dual technology.

Outdoor barriers

MITECH offers a full range of infrared beam and microwave anti-intrusion barriers that guarantee excellent protection, providing solutions for villas, factory buildings, facades, photovoltaic fields and many more. They are available in various versions and can be installed on a pole or wall-mounted.

Barriers for doors and windows

Thanks to their compact dimensions, these infrared beam barriers can be positioned on doors, windows, shutters or blinds. They are particularly recommended for protecting property, valuables and people from intrusions, violations or break-ins.

Curtain sensors

MITECH produce dual PIR and dual technology curtain sensors with anti-masking and accelerometer (anti-tamper function) for the optimal protection of doors and windows.
All provided products are easy to install, stable on the operation, with excellent quality/price ratio.
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