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ELKO to distribute meeting collaboration platform by Mersive

A new solution in the market - Mersive turns traditional conference rooms or classrooms into collaborative, multi-user environments. With Mersive Solstice Software any number of users can simultaneously and wirelessly stream content from laptops, tablets, and phones to any display. ELKO has become an official distributor of the product in the Baltics.
Mersive is a leading provider of collaboration solutions for meeting and learning spaces. Mersive Solstice allows users to stream content from their laptops and mobile devices to the in-room display over the existing IT networks. Solstice also enables remote participants to join via any major conferencing service and supports room audio and video to deliver a complete, flexible room solution.

Solstice is also a new class of Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) room system that offers smarter room conferencing support. By wirelessly connecting users’ laptops to the room technology, Solstice delivers agnostic room conferencing support that is incredibly easy to use and more collaborative than traditional conferencing. Microsoft Team’s and/or Zoom’s video conferencing combined with Solstice’s rich, multi-participant content sharing delivers a significantly better collaboration experience between onsite and remote users.
To implement the solutions, all is needed is one tiny box - the Solstice Pod - a flexible software-based appliance that hosts Solstice collaboration software and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment. Each new Pod includes a three-year subscription, which includes access to Solstice Conference, new software updates, and full deployment support.

Solstice solution is a more affordable, less complex, and better management and security solution compared to traditional hardware-based solutions. In a corporate, education or government environment, Solstice delivers big room collaboration on a small room budget.

Product in wholesale or project distribution is already available in stock for customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of software-based, cloud-enabled meeting and learning collaboration solutions for both onsite and remote teams. Our platform, Solstice, provides content-rich collaboration for both onsite and remote meeting use cases using existing enterprise network and web conferencing solutions of choice. Because Mersive takes a software-based approach to collaboration, we can offer integrated capabilities that have traditionally required additional hardware – such as digital signage, room analytics, active learning, and calendar integration – all managed from Solstice Cloud management.

For more information, go to www.mersive.com
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