ELKO receives "Family Friendly Workplace" status

The aim of the "Family Friendly Workplace" programme, implemented by the Society Integration Foundation, is to promote work-life balance in society. As a result of the evaluation carried out by the Foundation, 252 organisations in Latvia, including ELKO Group, have already been awarded the status of "Family Friendly Workplace".
The aim of the "Family Friendly Workplace" programme is to promote the development of an empathetic, humane and understanding workplace culture in Latvia, while offering tools to assess the existing work environment and financial assistance to help employees implement various support measures.

"As a company, we are driven by the belief that company culture has a direct impact on privacy, productivity and sustainability. It is important to collaborate, understand and take into account the needs of the employee, not only in the context of their direct job responsibilities. To prevent stress and unpleasant emotions from getting in the way of work and quality time after work, at ELKO we actively work to promote education on well-being, organise joint events, support with a range of additional benefits and provide flexible working hours where possible," Evita Dumpe, ELKO Group HR Manager.

"ELKO's greatest value is relationships - relationships with customers, partners and employees. The company culture has directly contributed to ELKO's growth for 30 years, enabling it to become one of the region's largest IT distributors and the largest group in Latvia (by turnover). The story of relationships is not just about a formal handshake or fulfilled contractual conditions. We genuinely care about the well-being of our people and how they interact with each other. We recognised, even before this initiative, that the relationships we build with our employees are special - they are a kind of family relationship. This is our competitive advantage. This is noted by current, former and often future employees and outsiders alike. That's why the call to apply for the "Family Friendly Workplace" status created a lightning connection - it's about us, it's about ELKO." Māra Skudra, ELKO Group Marketing and Communications Director.
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