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ELKO Romania Partner Event 2018: From the evolution of the market to the technologies of the future

On October 4-6 ELKO Romania, a member of the ELKO Group and one of the leading distributors of IT products and solutions in Romania, held the annual ELKO Partner Event 2018 which was built on the concept BETTER TOGETHER. Approximately 200 participants attended – representatives of ELKO partner companies, resellers, retailers, e-tailers, solution integrators, as well as representatives of the producers with whom ELKO has concluded distribution agreements on the Romanian market.
In addition to topics related to technological change, market developments, business strategies or industry trends, specific partner channels and future prospects for the distribution chain were addressed. All presentations and discussions focused on people, their role and the importance of human relationships and qualities.
Gabriela Gheorghe, General Manager of ELKO Romania, presented the highlights of this year and the company's main growth directions. Along with the development of its product portfolio and solutions, the company’s strategic direction also lies in the continuous investment in advancing skills, both in regards to the ELKO team and partner training programs. Concerning their brand ELKO Romania implemented a rebranding strategy last year – GROW SMARTER, a concept about internal culture which focuses on collaboration, trust, continuous sharing of knowledge, passion and evolution.
If, a few years ago, the supply-distribution-sale chain was linear and dictated by production strategy, today the final customer is the decisive factor around which the new business model is being built. A distribution chain will be functional, fluid, and without major imbalances in inventory, as long as it thinks about customer needs and market demand. In the era of digitalization, the boundaries of all parts involved in the supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, resellers, integrators, retailers, customers) will be more fluid. The linear model will disappear, being replaced by a "network" where direct interactions between any chain factors will be possible. In such an environment, collaboration in a creative, intelligent and flexible way can be the key to success
Rodica Pop Group Account Manager GfK
Change as the new normal in the digital revolution, the key ingredients of business success, and the sensitive boundary between people and technology – these were the main themes of the panel discussions at the ELKO Partner Event 2018.
There is certainly no "universal recipe for success", but there are essential ingredients which can help, such as constant investment in research and development, the involvement of talented people, the use of smart marketing tools or appropriate partnerships to address a particular market. Additionally, the ability to adapt and stay agile can be the key ingredients to make a difference in ensuring business success.
Technology is increasingly present in both personal and professional life. However, while technology seems to be the driver, people are the ones who will transform future organizations. In the future, the emphasis will be placed on trustworthy relationships, trustworthy partnerships, trustworthy management of data, and people will still have the ambition to get the most benefits based on technology.
The ELKO Partner Event has always been about collaboration, sharing ideas and strengthening the partnerships that ELKO has developed over time. Discussions and demonstrations of technology continued in the exhibition of products and solutions organized throughout the event.
ELKO Partner Event 2018 was organized in partnership with: Asus, Getac, Lenovo, Microsoft, Tecnoware, APC by Schneider Electric, ATEN, Axis Communications, Eaton, Kingston, QNAP, Seagate, Supermicro, ViewSonic, ADATA, Allied Telesis, Canon, EnGenius, LG, Milestone Systems and Vestel.
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