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ELKO Partner Event 2016, Romania bringing together the entire local it market

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September 15-17, ELKO Partner Event 2016, in the heart of Romania, in Poiana Brasov.
ELKO Partner Event is the main event which brings ELKO’s most important partners together year after year and which attracted large attendance, approximately 200 persons participating during its three-day run.
Organized under the slogan CONNECT. SHARE. SUCCEED, the event consisted of a number of discussion sessions, as well as demonstrations for the newest products and solutions, representing an excellent opportunity for collaboration, exchanging ideas and experiences.
The ELKO partners are people who share our values. They are people with whom we can cooperate based on sound business principles, interested in development and mutually beneficial business. They are people on whom we can rely and to whom we are prepared to offer support in their future projects, strong people representing strong and sound companies. We, at ELKO, go beyond traditional distribution services, toward solution based sales, by developing the skills of our staff and of our partners. Together with vendors, we act as development resources for our clients. It is an ongoing transition which changes our role from a tactical position to a more strategic position.
Gabriela Gheorghe ELKO Romania General Manager.
ELKO Romania distributes products from its portfolio exclusively by its partners - retailers, e-tailers, IT solution and industrial automation integrating companies. The ELKO distributor is and will increasingly be an efficient and competent support for its partners. In the past years, ELKO focused more and more on meeting the market requirements to support the partner channel in developing business solutions tailored to the specific needs of end customers.
We will continue to invest in education and add new services in the partner support area, while streamlining our existing services. ELKO is a communication vector and an interaction catalyzer in the manufacturer-distributor-partner-end client relationship. For this purpose, we will use the resources, information and knowledge available to us from manufacturers, add our vision, efforts and skills and channel all these toward our partners, while identifying opportunities from end clients.
Gabriela Gheorghe
The event was structured on several ELKO panels, within which ELKO’s strategy, team and future plans were presented under the slogan: CONNECT, SHARE, SUCCEED with ELKO. During the entire event, by means of the event platform, the participants raised challenging questions which established a connection between the guests and the audience; within the panels, the questions taken live have the event a high level of interactivity.
In the first day, the “The future of PCs / PCs of the future” panel featured the representatives of Acer, Asus, Gigabyte and Intel, and the topic was approached from specific perspectives in order to tackle the actual circumstances on the market. Manufacturers are facing major problems concerning market positioning and differentiation, given the current avalanche of platforms, and the target audience is getting more and more difficult to define and approach.
The topic “Client satisfaction and loyalty” gathered the representatives of APC by Schneider Electric, Lenovo, LG Electronics and Microsoft, the debate sparking the interest of the participants. How can a positive experience become a long-term relationship, as well as the specificity of satisfaction and loyalty at different levels of the chain of distribution: at the level of the manufacturer, of the distributor, of the partner and, in particular, of the end client.
In the second day of the event, Inese Kalveite, ELKO Group Marketing and Communication Director, mentioned that the ELKO Group is now focusing more on the consolidation of the ELKO brand. As distributor, ELKO interacts with the key market players, who promote the newest technologies on a daily basis. Therefore, the company predicts client needs even before they take shape, and ELKO’s role is that of aggregating the most recent solutions. The company pays great attention to market feedback, and the last client satisfaction survey led to a number of concrete measures for getting close to the partners.
Then came the panel with the topic: “Global trends transforming the IT industry”, in which the representatives of Allied Telesis, Axis Communications, Fujitsu and Milestone participated. The approached topic sparked the interest of the audience, generating a multitude of questions regarding the evolution and impact on the local market of digital transformation, by reference to the stage of technological trends on the local market and the efficient use by partnerships of this specific information: analytics, mobility, cloud, big data, IoT, virtual reality and so on.
The “DNA of profitability” was the panel reuniting the representatives of ATEN, Dell, Getac, QNAP and Western Digital, who discussed strategic positioning by creating the perfect mix based on quality/price, benefits and additional services in order to generate and respond to market demand with innovating products.
During the entire event, practical demonstrations with integrated solutions were made. In addition, all brands present made product demonstrations at their stands, as well as demo areas for solutions developed by ELKO which meet the specific demands of end clients.
The event was attended by manufacturers representing the most important worldwide IT brands, brands which may be found in ELKO’s product and solution portfolio: Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Dell, Microsoft, Allied Telesis, APC by Schneider Electric, Axis Communications, Aten, Fujitsu, Getac, Gigabyte, Intel, Kingston, LG Electronics, Milestone, Moxa, QNAP, Tecnoware, Western Digital, Commscope AMP.
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