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ELKO Group reveals its new brand identity

Re-branding of the ELKO Group marks the reinvention of the role of distribution
The advance of new technologies has transformed our everyday lives so much that products’ journeys to the customer require a new approach and attitude. The ELKO Group, an IT product and solution distributor involved in bringing new technologies to the market, is facilitating this transformation by being a bridge between Western and Asian suppliers and 24 markets mostly located in Eastern Europe.
The necessity to empower the exchange of knowledge and technology has become crucial. In both directions: from manufacturers to partners, and from the market back to the manufacturers. We believe that our future success as a company depends on the learning process of our team and the ability to effectively transfer knowledge along the supply chain. Our new logo and the story behind it are the first visible evidence of how the ELKO Group is integrated into the transformation of the industry, improving efficiency and ensuring sustainable development.
Svens Dinsdorfs Chief Executive Officer of the ELKO Group
A new look
The new brand identity of the ELKO Group reflect its role as a distributor to merge market, supplier and sales channel expertise and experience, and to make it readily accessible to all partners.
The ELKO logo consist of the text field ‘ELKO’ with an integrated graphic sign “<”. The graphic sign symbolises the point from where the diversity of products and services begins and represents a broad viewpoint that makes it possible to link the knowledge fields of partners and to understand customer insights.
There were two reasons to rebrand. First, visual language should support our vision and positioning. The new look is an extra impulse to accelerate our important transformation. Second, we are aiming for a unified brand strategy – the same story and experience in all the countries we work in.
Inese Kalveite Chief Marketing Officer of the ELKO Group
Alongside revealing the new brand identity, the ELKO Group launched a new corporate website. Local websites will be updated by the end of May.
Overall, ELKO’s rebranding will take up to three months. Communication materials and other visual elements will be changed gradually.
About ELKO Group
The ELKO Group is of the region's largest distributors of IT products and solutions, representing 160 IT manufacturers, and providing a wide range of products and services to more than 6 000 retailers, local computer manufacturers, system integrators and enterprises within various sectors in 24 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The Group’s turnover in 2016 amounted to 1 460 million US dollars.
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