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ELKO Group increases its business presence in Hungary; received an official distribution of DJI consumer business

An important step in business growth for ELKO Group in Hungary ̶ has been obtained an official distribution of DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology.
ELKO Group operates in Hungary under the WESTech brand. A growth plan, a serious customer base and successful cooperation in other countries have let the company attract DJI besides the list of other world brands for IT and consumer electronics. WESTech is now the only official distributor of the DJI consumer segment for Hungary.

“The member of the Group, WESTech has shown a strong ambition to develop in the Hungarian market and grow local representation. DJI attraction provides new opportunities for IT distribution business expansion, as the market has a high interest in drones and aerial imaging technology and DJI is an undisputed leader in the field,” says Baiba Indane, Head of Branded Unit, ELKO Group.

Key to the rapid growth of the market for drones and stabilizers in Hungary will be areas such as public safety, surveying and mapping, tourism, an inspection of cultural monuments and general infrastructure, advertising, sports communication, general journalism, film production and many other platforms for hobbyists, professional photographers, filmmakers and enterprise agents.

DJI's consumer product line is already available for pre-order.
DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing civilian drones and aerial imaging technology for personal and professional use. DJI was founded and is run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and filmmaking equipment and platforms more accessible, reliable, and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI’s global operations currently span across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in filmmaking, construction, inspection, emergency response, agriculture, conservation, and many other industries.

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WESTech is a trading company specialized in IT and consumer electronics that has been operating in the markets of the European Union for over 20 years. Since 2000 a part of ELKO Group. WESTech, along with its subsidiaries, has 400 employees.

The ELKO Group is one of the region's largest distributors of IT and consumer electronics products and solutions, representing 400 IT manufacturers. The company provides a wide range of products and services to more than 10 000 retailers, local computer manufacturers, system integrators and enterprises within various sectors in 11 countries in Europe.
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  2. ELKO Group increases its business presence in Hungary; received an official distribution of DJI consumer business