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ELKO extends the distribution contract for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) products and solutions in Ukraine

ELKO Ukraine has signed an additional distribution agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Sophela and offers its partners the full portfolio of HPE products and solutions: servers, data storage systems, networking equipment, software and systems for high-speed computing (HPC).
Hewlett Packard Enterprise products are widely used by system integrators to solve problems of large and medium-sized businesses, including the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-speed computing for scientific research, medical diagnostics, financial analysis and other areas and industries.
Adding HPE solutions to our portfolio is an important step in meeting the needs of ELKO Ukraine partners. Thus, we offer Ukrainian business even more opportunities to respond to today's challenges with solutions from one of the world's leading manufacturers. After all, HPE is a recognized leader in many areas due to the high quality and reliability of its products.
Yulia Turchina (Юлия Турчина) Head of Project Distribution Department ELKO Ukraine
  • business cases and recommendations for optimal solutions;
  • assistance in conducting pilot projects;
  • the ability to provide demo equipment;
  • technical support and advice on projects;
  • and much more.
Contact ELKO managers for technical advice, help with pre-sales and presentations, testing and purchasing HPE solutions, creating needs and quotations, for training events, etc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an American IT company created in 2015 with HP Inc after Hewlett Packard Corporation split into two companies. HPE develops cloud technology to transform your business. You can connect, protect, analyze and act on all your data and programs wherever they are, and turn information into results at the speed necessary to thrive in today's complex world.
О НРЕ (NYSE:HPE) — hpe.com
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