Video surveillance system for Slatina city in Romania
Slatina is the capital city of Olt County, Romania, on the river Olt. It is located in the south of Romania, on the eastern side of the river Olt, in the historical region of Muntenia. The population was 70,293 in 2011. It is an important industrial center.
Investment in Axis network cameras offers security to residents of Slatina
Street crime is a national priority for the Romanian Police. According to information provided by Olt County Police Inspectorate, 2008 saw 444 crimes recorded in Slatina. This was a 49% increase compared to 2007.
Safer town
The representatives of Slatina City Hall were looking for a solution to make the city safer, by preventing criminal behavior, modernizing and improving the public surveillance system, and therefore improving the business climate.
The video surveillance system was based on 150 AXIS 233D Network Dome Cameras, 200 infrared illuminators and 150 outdoor speakers installed on 150 metal poles with climbing deterrents all connected to a dispatcher located in Slatina City Hall.
The effect of implementing the Axis video surveillance system was immediate. The system proved to be very helpful to the police, gendarmerie, local government, security companies and civil society. The police department declared the number of crimes against property was significantly reduced; the number of thefts and violent crimes decreased as well.
The citizens of Slatina declared that this project brought them safety and now they feel much more secure while walking in the city or spending time in their homes.
The video surveillance solution was the preferred choice of the representatives of the Slatina City Hall due to the possibilities it offered. Slatina City Hall did not have a budget to hire more security officers permanently and, in the meantime, security issues were expanding. The number of thefts and murders increased exponentially in the last years and security personal was overwhelmed. The Axis network video surveillance solution managed to maximize existing resources and brought new opportunities to finding, stopping and preventing criminal actions.
Deployment by system integrator Netcom
Consulting and product supply by ELKO
Thanks to modern technology, the need for crime prevention will not be solved by increasing the number of agents, but by monitoring several key areas of the city in real time by the same team, decreasing the number of false alarms.
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