Video surveillance system for Cluj Arena stadium
Cluj Arena is a multi-use stadium in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was launched in October 2011 and is to be ranked an UEFA Elite Stadium (Category 4). The stadium is the new home ground of FC Universitatea Cluj.
Axis network cameras watch over the safety of every participant during stadium events
Cluj Arena stadium is one of the most important infrastructure projects launched in the local market in recent years. The stadium is a public place and security is a paramount issue. Organizers have to ensure the safety of all participants during events.
The entire stadium under control in real time
To choose a video surveillance solution, Starnet Consulting, one of ELKO Romania's most important partners, took into consideration a few specific factors: FIFA/UEFA legislation, a wide range of scenarios and a large number of points of interest which had to be monitored, as well as the need to ensure being able to detect and identify banned people or to analyze the smallest details of an event.
The most appropriate solution was a digital video surveillance system composed of 102 Axis network cameras for the surveillance of stadium access of which 10 PTZ Axis cameras are used for the surveillance of the stadium seating areas. The solution also included 2 surveillance monitoring locations and video management software from Aimetis.
The Cluj Arena video surveillance system in numbers: 102 Axis network cameras with PoE, 10 Axis megapixel HDTV PTZ network cameras with auto-tracking, 2 km of optical fiber, 12.2 km of UTP cable, 2 surveillance monitoring stations with the possibility to create an unlimited number of stations.
The system quickly proved its efficiency during events that took place in the stadium. Spectators who moved to a different seat after they caused an incident were identified with the aid of the auto-tracking features and high definition images were used by security staff in order to recognize possible disturbances before incidents occurred. All in all, the entire stadium was kept under control in real time. The system features advanced technical capabilities, very good scalability, easy and convenient operation and control.
The security system proved to be very helpful to the police, security companies and in the end, to all spectators in the stadium. The major benefits of the implemented solution are:
  • The system ensures the safety of all participants during events at the stadium
  • Highly-detailed images can be used by security staff in order to recognize possible disturbances before incidents occur, and make the right decisions
  • High quality images ensure easy identification of banned individuals
  • Video images can be used in court
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Cameras synchronized by NTP protocol connected with an atomic clock
  • Thanks to the intelligence and processing power inside the cameras, the amount of necessary storage equipment is very low.
Deployment by system integrator Starnet
Consultation and product supply by ELKO
The modern video surveillance system is one of the elements that ensures Cluj Arena's inclusion in the UEFA's Elite stadium category. With a secure area and the possibility to identify any incident, the stadium is able to host sporting events of great importance, concerts or other kind of events.
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