Conference room audio solution
The headquarters of ELKO Group, located in Riga, Latvia.
While renovating its main conference hall, the headquarters of ELKO Group looked for a modern audio system that ensures high quality of sound for all people in the room, at the same time, fits into the design, and is easy to operate.
Seamlessly fits into the design
Super simple in installation and use
No matter where you are in the room – the sound is perfect
The headquarters is home to more than 300 employees. The main conference hall is used for internal activities, training and other events for customers and partners. Video and audio content is an integral part of the performance. Sound quality can magnify or diminish the likelihood of the message getting through loud and clear. With people moving to work remotely because of the pandemic, the ELKO administration decided it was the perfect time to renovate and modernize the main conference hall. The request was to remove the old system (freestanding tumblers, wires on the floor) and implement a new – in-ceiling audio solution covering the entire room.
Based on the hall plan, TruAudio provided the perfect solution with 16 pc of G91 - Ghost 9" in-ceiling speakers, a D16 amplifier and VSSL A.1x audio streaming system.
  • G91 is an architectural speaker with a 3-way design (a pivoting tweeter and mid-range, partnered with a fixed woofer). Lifetime warranty.
  • D16 is an eight-zone amplifier that comes equipped with 16 channels of high-performance class D power. You can adjust the sound of each speaker, creating a customized sound effect. 5 years warranty.
  • VSSL A.1x audio streaming system is a product that allows you to stream your music or other audio content from any mobile device or tablet directly to your conference hall speakers. 2 years warranty.
As a first step, all you need is a plan of the premises to send to the manufacturer. The TruAudio team did the calculations and returned with the solutions and specifications (free of charge) to ensure an even sound in the room. The manufacturer always comes up with several options to choose from — in terms of cost, technology and design.
When the decision is made and products ordered, you select the specialists to do the installation. In this case, a regular low voltage service company was involved. The installation took just three days.
Perfect sound for everyone in the room.
Which seat you choose is no longer critical; the presentation will be clear at any spot in the conference room. The situation where the sound is too loud for the first rows and the last do not hear is no longer an issue.
Super simple in installation and use.
TruAudio’s new Ghost™ Series speakers features the revolutionary and patented TruGrip™ toolless technology – a 2-step mechanical dogear ensures the tightest grip with zero sag. TruAudio’s QuickConnect™ technology allows simply connect the speaker cable to the rough-in ring terminals during pre-wire. When it's time to install the speaker, use the Quick Connect™ cable to tether to the speaker's Quick Connect. The audio system is connected to the projector, ready to immediately stream audio when available. Switching on / off and volume control takes place via the projector’s remote control.
Seamlessly fits into the design.
Speakers are aesthetic and thanks to the great installation characteristics, virtually disappear into the ceiling. No more wires on the floor.
TruAudio and VSSL audio products stand out for their premium quality, customization opportunities and customer-friendly installation. Now, we enjoy great sound and the equipment fits perfectly into the room, it's even imperceptible.
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