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3.8% Gross profitability
1 460 mUSD Revenue (1 319 mEUR)
55 mUSD Gross profit (50 mEUR)
8.5 mUSD Net profit (7.7 mEUR)
18 May
ELKO Group Interim Report January–March, 2017
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02 May
ELKO Group audited consolidated Financial Statement for 2016
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The financial calendar gives you an overview of the main ELKO Group financial dates and investor events:
Week 7, 2017 Interim Report - 12m, 2016
Week 17, 2017 Annual Report 2016
Week 20, 2017 Interim Report - 3m, 2017
Week 33, 2017 Interim Report - 6m, 2017
Week 46, 2017 Interim Report - 9m, 2017
ELKO Group belongs to several legal entities and investment fund Amber Trust.
19.78% Ashington Business INC. Limited UK
19.71% Solsbury Inventions Limited UK
17.67% Amber Trust II S.C.A. Luxembourg
10.96% Whitebarn SIA Latvia
10.96% Eurotrail SIA Latvia
10.72% KRM Serviss SIA Latvia
10.20% Solo Investīcijas IT SIA Latvia
Presentation for Finance partners
ELKO Grupa AS Latvia
ELKO Lietuva UAB Lithuania
ELKO Eesti OÜ Estonia
ELKOTEX d.o.o. Slovenia
WESTech spol. s r.o. Slovakia
WESTech CZ s.r.o. Czech Republic
ELKOTech Romania SRL Romania
ELKO Trading Switzerland AG Switzerland
ELKO Mobile Limited Cyprus
ELKO Marketing Limited Cyprus
ELKO Ukraine LLC Ukraine
ELKO Kazakhstan LLP Kazakhstan
Egons Mednis Chairman of the Board
Svens Dinsdorfs Member of the Board
Martins Ozolins Member of the Board
Vadims Rabsa Member of the Board
Andris Putāns Chairman of the Board
Indrek Kasela Deputy Chairman
Ēriks Strods Member of the Board
Kaspars Viškints Member of the Board
Latvian Logistics Association
The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Global Technology Distribution Council
For investor relations
Janis Kirsis Head of Treasury
4, Toma Street, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia
ph: + 371 67 092 361 janis.kirsis@elkogroup.com